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About Us

Our goal is to support your passion for diving through education, conservation, relationship and safety.

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Passionate about DIVING

Our contracted instructors love scuba diving and are enthusiastic about sharing their hobby.

Passionate about EXPERIENCE

Our contracted class check out dives are conducted in Venice Beach, weather permitting.

Passionate about the OCEAN

Scuba Diving relies on a balance between diver and the water. Our contracted instructors educate students on this necessity.

Passionate about YOU

We understand that not all students have the same background and comfort levels. Our contracted instructors take the time to give you what you need to be a successful diver.


Stephanie S ~ Manager

I've always been a water baby.  Growing up in Fort Lauderdale, we were either in the pool or at the beach all the time.  I didn't start scuba diving until I met my husband in 2000.  Learning to dive was one of the greatest things I've ever done.  There is so much beauty under the water just waiting to be seen.  Working at Venice Dive Center, I meet so many new people every day. I love listening to their stories and sharing a few of my own.

Mark F ~ Assistant Manager/Instructor


Shawn C ~ Staff/Instructor 

I was first certified in 1986 in San Diego California, mostly diving the local kelp beds, Catalina and in the Caribbean on vacations. Over the years I have been fortunate to dive in Hawaii, the Mexican Riviera, West Indies, Australia, the Keys and now the Gulf waters off Venice beach. In 2020, with over 1000 dives and 34 years later, I decided to turn my passion into a career and began the certification process to become an instructor. I am currently qualified to teach Open water through DiveMaster as well as the Wreck, Deep, Night, Boat, Drift and Enriched Air specialties. I've particularly enjoyed sharing my knowledge and experience with fellow divers during my time at the Venice Dive Center. 

Kaitlyn F ~ Staff/Instructor/Captain

Jason C ~ Staff

Although I am still a relatively new diver, I enjoy working in a place where I can learn from such an experienced staff. Diving is in my family blood and it's something I plan on teaching to my own son when he's old enough. I will be advancing my training in 2023 to include Nitrox and Advanced Open Water.


Nickolas A ~ Staff

It has been my privilege to work at Venice Dive Shop for a little over 2 years.  Since I began working I have advanced my certifications to include Rescue Diver.  I enjoy diving as it is both relaxing and fun.  My favorite place to dive so far is the Florida Keys.  I am thrilled to share my knowledge and experience with customers in an effort to ensure that they will have the best dive experience.

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